Skin microneedling is a safe cosmetic procedure that’s based on rolling the skin with a MT Dermaroller. This kind of skin needling treatment helps to improve general skin texture and tone, lines and wrinkles, scarring and skin tightness, by encouraging production of new collagen.

These little channels that are created by the MT Dermaroller needles also improve the absorption of skin care products active ingredients.

Microneedling therapy is different from injectable collagen, because the skin regeneration and  collagen production occurs naturally in treated skin. This kind of skin renewal is natural skin functioning process and no artificial collagen is injected to skin tissue. The effect of triggered natural collagen production is long lasting and continue even up to one year after the treatment itself.

Microneedling therapy is suitable for treating

  • acne scarring (especially depressed acne scars)
  • surgical scars
  • stretch marks
  • wrinkles (especially around the mouth and crows feet)
  • improving skin texture and tightness
  • fading uneven pigmentation ( like dark acne scar marks and age spots)





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