How Often Should I Use A 1.5mm Derma roller?

How Often Should I Use A 1.5mm Derma roller?

‘’Needling your way to healthy skin’’. That’s what you get to hear from microneedling and dermaroller lovers! But is it really worth the hype? Microneedling was once viewed with skepticism, but it is now proven to be an effective procedure for as many skin problems that you can think of.

Even if that’s the case, still the idea of poking yourself in the face with tiny needles in hopes of improving your skin sounds a little bizarre to many people. For years, the medical establishment looked at microneedling, with a leery side-eye.

Microneedling, also referred to as percutaneous collagen induction, was first described in the literature in 1995. But I wasn’t very famous back then. Thanks to our celebrities that gave microneedling a chance and just loved it, now it has grabbed the attention of people worldwide. This technique appears to have secured a place alongside mainstream treatments designed to improve the skin’s condition and appearance.

By now, you all have been quite familiar with the term ‘’microneedling’’ and a device called a ‘’dermaroller’’ because of how famous it has been in the electronic media. But the thing that is confusing with this treatment is its various needle sizes-which are different according to your skin concern. Most people opt for 1.5mm needle size because it is medium length (not too small nor too big) and it can address many skin concerns. But how often can you use a 1.5 mm dermaroller? Let us find out!

What is Microneedling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive skin procedure known to increase the collagen production of the skin. When the derma roller is rolled over the skin, the tiny, fine needles gently prick the face. These pricks create small punctures on the top layer of the skin, which causes the body to boost the production of collagen and elastin.

The needles on the derma rollers vary in sizes starting from 0.1 to 2mm in length. Those tiny needles are not necessarily for collagen synthesis rather it can be used to get any of your products to absorb and penetrate the skin.

What Needle Size should you Choose?

Everyone has different skin concerns. You need to choose a derma roller size suited for your skin complication. There are various sizes of derma roller needles ranging between 0.2mm and 3.0mm. If you need it for daily use, you can use needles shorter than 1mm. While the longer ones are recommended for more prominent skin problems.

Why you should Choose a 1.5mm needle Length?

If you are one of the people suffering from deep scars from acne or any other skin condition, then you should definitely choose this needle size. But you need to be fully aware of the risk if you are planning to use the 1.5mm roller. It can damage your skin if you are using it correctly and can be painful also. You can use a numbing cream to reduce the pain. This needle length is also popular among young mothers that have recently given birth and suffer from stretch marks. It is also effective for stretch marks. You must know that by using this needle your skin will definitely feel red and dry for 5-6 days. So you must use this needle length a week before a special occasion because you clearly wouldn’t want a patchy and flaking skin. Applying and re-applying moisturizer throughout the day should be a must.  

How Often To Use A 1.5mm length derma roller?


After using this needle length, your skin will be pretty damaged (for good). It will need time to heal and recover. It is essential to wait for your skin to completely heal before attempting a new treatment of any kind. After using this needle length, your skin will probably be healed within 6 to 8 weeks. After that, you can schedule your next treatment peacefully.

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