Can I Use a 1.5 Dermaroller On My face?

Can I Use a 1.5 Dermaroller On My face?

There are many people out there suffering for skin problems. Microneedling is a relatively simple, safe, therapeutically effective, and minimally invasive technique that is performed by a dermaroller. Initially, it was introduced for skin rejuvenation. Nowadays, it is being used for a very wide range of skin problems including acne scar, acne, stretch marks, alopecia, skin rejuvenation, drug delivery, burn scars, and many more. It is also used now as a transdermal delivery system for therapeutic drugs and products. 

Over a short period of time, it has gained mass popularity among many people. It is also known as collagen induction therapy because it works by increasing the production of collagen. It involves superficial and controlled puncturing of the skin by rolling with needles Sounds scary, right? But actually is not that much painful.

So what the science behind microneedling? When a dermaroller is rolled on the surface of the skin, the needles penetrate the dermis and cause small injuries. The body’s healing system gets activated. Blood rushes to the surface taking nutrients, and growth promoting factors with it. The body overdrives the production of skin essential proteins collagen and elastin. New skin cells are generated while the old ones are shed off. The new skin that is produced is rejuvenated, fresh, and bright.

How Many Derma roller Sizes Are There In Microneedling?

There are various sizes of needles that are scientifically proven to work for different skin problems. Usually, the needle sizes ranges from 0.2mm as the smallest to 3mm as the longest. Needles longer than 3mm are not very oftenly used because they can damage the skin.


The smallest of all the needle sizes. If you are new to microneedling, I would recommend starting with the .25mm. It is used for boosting the topical skincare product absorption (also called the transdermal absorption). You can use this every day with no hesitation.


It is usually used for hyperpigmentation, large pores, fine lines, wrinkles-usually for anti-aging. You can use 2 times a week.


It is used for superficial scars, like from acne, chickenpox, any surgical operation, light stretch marks, and wrinkles, etc. You can use this dermaroller once in 14 days.


It is used for deep scars caused by acne, deep stretch marks, etc. You can use it once every three to four weeks.

2.0mm to 3mm: 

Longer needle are used for deep acne scars, stretch marks, burn scars, deep hyperpigmentation. These needles are not recommended to use at home. These procedures should only be performed by a licensed professional. You use this once in every 5 weeks.


Can I Use a 1.5 Dermaroller On My face?

Yes, needles size of 1.5mm can be used on face for the treatment of several skin ailments. They are ideal for the treatment deep acne scars, burn scars, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles on the face. This needle size must not be used by beginnerrs at home without prior derma rolling knowledge. I would just not recommend using it at home-even if you have the knowledge, things can go wrong. It should only be used in a proffessional setting of a dermatologist’s or an esthetician office.


As the needle size increases, the needle penetration increases. You will experience slight pain or discomfort during treatment. An anesthetic must be used before the operation to alleviate the pain. After doing the procedure with this needle length, your skin will bleed but it will be healed superficially in 7 days. Full recovery will occur in about 2 weeks. After the full recovery, the procedure can be repeated. It is recommended to have at least 3-4 sessions of microneedling.

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