How Can I Disinfect My Derma roller At Home?

How Can I Disinfect My Derma roller At Home?

With whats going on in the world right now. People have become extra conscious of themselves and their belongings. Cleaning from time to time is what has helped us in going through these difficult times. From cleaning the houses to sanitizing everything which is in it proves to be very beneficial in keeping the germs out. Now as personal belongings, they can be tricky to clean thoroughly especially those small tools. While you worry about how to clean them I will tell you that one of your give you some relief by telling you that one of your frequently used products is not that hard to clean, in-fact it is one of the easiest tools to clean. Yes, I am talking about your derma roller, and it is fairly easy to disinfect it without having to put in much effort.

Now let me briefly explain what derma roller is and it’s structure. A derma roller is a small tool that is widely used for treating skin issues like acne and scarring, it also helps in keeping your skin healthy. It is basically a tool that involves using a mini wheel covered with hundreds of tiny needles that go directly in your face. As this is a tool that directly goes to your face so to avoid contaminating your skin, clean your derma roller before and after you use it.

There are many ways to clean your derma roller but I will tell you the easiest and effective ones, which you can do easily at home:

Sterilize Your Derma Roller

STEP 1: Start by rinsing your derma roller with lukewarm water for at least 2-3 minutes o get rid of any superficial debris, like dead skin or blood. These skin particles may not get removed by just alcohol because alcohol cannot dissolve dead skin or blood.

STEP 2: Take a small dish or bowl (made up plastic or ceramic) and pour 60-90% isopropyl alcohol (commonly known as rubbing alcohol) or hydrogen peroxide in it. Fill up the bowl up to the point that completely covers the roller. Do not use less than 60% isopropyl alcohol, as it will not disinfect your roller.

STEP 3: Let the derma roller be soaked for about 60 minutes. Doing so will thoroughly sanitize it. It is important to keep the the needles of your roller upwards so place it upside down in your container.

STEP 4: After your derma roller soaks for an hour, remove it from your container. Then turn on your faucet and hold your derma roller under warm running water for 30-60 seconds. The remaining skin particles and leftover alcohol or peroxide will be removed.

STEP 5: Lay your roller upside down on a clean paper towel and let the roller sit for 10-20 minutes for sir drying. Once your roller is dry, put your derma roller back in its protective container and fasten the lid.

Use Purification Tablets to Disinfect Your Derma Roller

STEP 1: You can also use a denture tablet or a purification tablet to disinfect your derma roller. Many derma roller companies sell it with the derma roller for the convenience of the buyer. If your roller doesn’t come with a tablet, you can buy at pharmacies or local stores.

STEP 2: Read the instructions on the leaflet before using a denture tablet. Take a container and fill it with 240 ml (about a cup) of warm water. You can also measure the water with a measuring cup and pour it into the small dish.

STEP 3: Put 1 tablet inside your container and submerge your derma roller. The tablet will start dissolving in water and create your sanitizing solution. Completely cover the entire derma roller with the sanitizing solution.

STEP 4: Leave your derma roller for about 5 to 10 minutes in the sanitizing solution. Some tablets may require atleast 12 hours for a thorough sanitization. f you are not in a rush, you can also put

STEP 5: Once your dermaroller has soaked thoroughly, rinse it with warm water and set it aside on clean paper towel for 10-20 minutes for air drying.  

Use Soap for Cleaning Your Roller

STEP 1: Fill up a container halfway with warm water, add 5-6 drops of dishwashing liquid or Castile soap, and mix. Place your derma roller in the container for 10 to 20 minutes to disinfect it. The superficial debris like blood or dead skin cells will be removed. You can also use a clean, soft toothbrush to scrub away dirt or residue.

STEP 2: Wash the soap from the derma roller by holding it under warm water. Let it air-dry afterward.

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