Top 30 Benefits of Using Derma Rollers

Top 30 Benefits of Using Derma Rollers

Contemplating on whether to buy derma rollers or not? To help you decide, here are the Top 30 benefits of derma rolling therapy and why you should give it a try?

1 – Simple yet effective

Derma rolling therapy offers a simple means of treating acne scars, wrinkles, stretch marks, tummy tack scars, and many other skin marks. It only uses a small hand-held device called derma rollers. The procedure can be done at the comforts of your own home or in a dermatologist clinic which require minimum training.

2 – Well-tolerated

The skin needling is generally well-tolerated. It may cause slight redness of the skin which may last for two to three days. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin, you may need to use a routine antibiotic cream for several days to prevent any infection.

3 – Little to no downtime

The best thing about derma rolling therapy is that you can go back to your daily routine, the very next day after the treatment as the micro holes closes spontaneously! Skin needling opens the pores to induce micro injury to trigger the repair mechanism of the skin. By doing so, the skin will produce more collagen and elastin which helps improves the appearance of the skin.

4 – No postoperative infection

Derma rolling treatment does not cause any infection because the micro holes close immediately after rolling. The skins barrier remains intact, so the bacteria and other microorganisms will not gain any entry in the skin. Just make sure that you clean your derma rolling area particularly if you are doing it at home. Also, don’t forget to clean your derma rollers before and after using.

5 – Cost-effective

Skin needling treatment is very cheap as compared with other dermatologic procedure. You only need a derma roller device and you are good to go. To enhance its therapeutic effect, you may use serums and creams.

6 – Good for All-skin types

One of the best things about derma rolling is that it can be used by all skin types. It works for dark-skinned individuals and even for those with sensitive skin.

7 – Entire Procedure Done in Less than an hour!
If you are always on the go, derma rolling is the one for you. The entire procedure may last for 20 minutes to less than an hour depending on the extent of the area to be treated.

8 – Use for Facial Rejuvenation

Derma rolling therapy can also be used to rejuvenate your skin. It will help keep your skin look younger and fresher. Use it together with moisturizing and anti-aging cream, so you will look younger than your actual age.

9 – Safe to use

Derma rollers are FDA approved device, so you can be sure of its safety profile.

10 – Can be combined with other Treatments

Skin needling can be used together with other acne scar treatments like chemical peels, subcision, fractional resurfacing and microdermabrasion. Hence, you can maximize its potential benefits.

11 – Allows formation of new and natural collagen

Rolling stimulates your skin to produce new collagen in a natural way. You can see the visible results after having two dermarolling sessions with at least six weeks interval.

12 – Can Be Done at Home

There are available home-care derma rollers with less than 0.15 mm length, which are used for transdermal drug delivery of anti-aging products and lipopeptides. You can use it twice a week for up to 100 times! Just clean it after with hot tap water or use peptide-based roller cleansers.

13 – Use to Treat Acne

Numerous studies have proven that derma rolling therapy is effective in treating acne scar. In a Visual Analog Scale Analysis showed that skin needling provides satisfactory results in acne scars remodulation. More so, it does not have peculiar side effects particularly for Asian skin types. Derma rolling is effective in treating deep acne scars whether rolling scars or box type.

14 – Helps Improve Skin Texture

Aside from removing scars and other skin marks, studies have shown that skin needling can also improve the texture of the skin.

15 – Does not cause skin pigmentation

Unlike other dermatologic procedures such as laser therapy, chemical peels and dermabrasion that may cause skin pigmentation, derma rolling therapy has no such side effects. It can be used safely by skin-of-color population (Fitzpatrick skin types IV-VI) without worrying of any dyspigmentation.

16 – Effective in Treating Various Skin Conditions

Derma rolling therapy has been proven to be effective in treating various kinds of dermatologic conditions aside from scarring, acne vulgaris and skin rejuvenation; it is also used for melanosis, melasma, and hyperhidrosis.

17 – Reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Few sessions of derma rolling therapy can noticeably reduce crow’s feet, deep wrinkles and fine lines on the forehead.

18 – Reverse sun damage and discoloration

Micro needling can help reverse sun damage, discoloration and hyper pigmentation caused by melasma. A 1.0 mm to 1.5 mm needle length can improve the extra pigmentation from sun-damaged skin.

19 – Tightens lose skin

This procedure is perfect for older age group because it helps tighten the lose skin aside from its ability to smoothen and correct the damage skin.

20 – Shrink pores

It’s counter-intuitive to think that derma rolling can enlarge your skin pores, actually it does not! One of the major benefits of skin needling is it actually helps makes the pores look smaller.

21- Enhance the therapeutic effect of topical products

Derma rolling helps in the faster absorption of topical products such as creams and serums. It helps topical medications to penetrate the skin more efficiently.

22 – Can be done in all areas of your body

Skin needling is not limited to the face or abdominal areas. It can be used in any part of your body where there are skin marks and other problem areas whether it is in your butt, legs, chest, and or back.

23 – Chemical-free

Derma rolling therapy can be done using the hand-held device only, so there is no risk of getting exposed to harmful chemicals as compared with other dermatologic treatment. But you may also it together with other approved topical agents to enhance its therapeutic effect.

24 – Used to Treat Hair Loss

Newer studies have shown that derma rolling therapy is also effective in treating hair loss or alopecia.

25 – Minimally-invasive procedure

One of the features of skin needling is that it offers a minimally-invasive procedure to minimize downtime and for faster recovery time.

26 – Prevents premature skin aging

Derma rolling promotes the production of elastin and collagen so it avoids collagen breakdown which helps slow down the aging process.

27 – Reduce Stretch marks

Micro needling is effective in reducing stubborn stretch marks so your body can be bikini-beach ready even after child birth or after losing weight.

28 – Reduce age spots

Skin needling sheds the top layer of the skin hence reduces the appearance of age spots.

29 – Treats Rosacea

Rosacea includes facial redness, facial flushing, thickening of skin, and having eye problems. It can cause breakdown of collagen. Hence, skin needling works by producing large amount of collagen which will help improve the skin condition. Take note; do not perform derma rolling therapy if you are currently having pustular or nodular rosacea.

30 – Prevent hyper pigmentation

Hyper pigmentation causes uneven distribution of dark to light skin. It can be caused by overproduction of melanin. Derma rolling helps shedding the top layer of the skin so normal production of melanocyte will occur.


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