How Long After Microneedling Can I Wear Makeup?

How Long After Microneedling Can I Wear Makeup?

Once you’ve put yourself under the needle, you might want to know the aftercare of a microneedling procedure and when can you once again return to your normal skin care regimen and makeup routine. We get it. You had a lot of time to convince yourself to get a micro-needling treatment, so after getting the treatment you would never want to advertise to everyone that you had the procedure. So, the first thing that will come to your mind in this regards, would be to cover it up-with makeup of course. Well, there’s no doubt in it if I say that makeup plays an important and vital role in our lives.

Almost every girl loves wearing makeup just to hide their imperfections. It enhances their appearance and gives them the self-confidence to just go out without having any fear of being judged by people. So for these kinds of self-conscious people who have just gone through the micro-needling process and want to know after how long they can apply makeup in a way that they look flawless yet it can’t affect their skin, here are the instructions for you.

How long after microneedling can you wear makeup?

It’s obvious that everybody’s skin type is different. Similarly, everyone’s skin healing time is also different from others because it depends upon the polygenic traits of people. For 24 hours after the procedure, you must wait to apply makeup as it may cause skin irritation, allergies, inflammation, and redness. These reactions may hinder the skin healing process. After that, your skin will be healed and you can apply a soothing moisturizer to your face at that time. But remember still not to wear any makeup to prevent any kind of skin disorder. Your skin would be adequate enough to apply make-up after 3 days. You can go for a light, natural, mineral make-up for your skin.

Why wait?

Applying makeup to your skin after micro-needling may possibly irritate your skin. You will be desperate to apply make-up because you can’t just go out like this having red and raw skin. And if you are a make-up lover person, we get it, it must be hard for you. But you have to wait until your skin is perfectly recovered.

The reason you have to wait is by applying any makeup product or even skincare product (except some gentle moisturizers) on your skin might prevent it from responding appropriately to the treatment. Basically, its because your skin barrier is still recovering.

So you should avoid wearing makeup for some time, probably 3 days.

What makeup to use?


The type of makeup you can apply after your skin is healed should be light and very natural. You must use some lightweight, mineral makeup having anti-allergic and mild ingredients. You have to make sure that you apply lots of moisturizer before applying makeup as it can calm, nourish, and soothe your skin. And then the next step is to apply a lightweight, breathable base powder. You can also apply a liquid mineral foundation onto your face that would give you full coverage. Afterward, you can go for a natural look of your own choice that should include minimal usage of make-up. In addition, a deep, bright lipstick with a slight blush, thick bold mascara, and perfectly winged eyeliner will be enough to enhance your features and boost up your confidence. And in case you love bold looks, you can also go for a smokey eyeshadow look as well.

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