Which Size Derma roller Is Best For Beard Growth?

Which Size Derma roller Is Best For Beard Growth?

Beard-a conclusive symbol of masculinity for many men. In many cultures, a luxurious and full beard indicates wisdom and leadership attributes. There are many pros of having a good healthy beard (some cons, too). It protects your skin from harsh UV rays. Moreover, you get to save the money spend on shaving, just saying. It is no news that hair loss or patchy beards can be quite distressing for many men. And some even struggle to grow a good beard. It can be due to genetics, hormonal issues, or skin damage.  Most men are curious to find out products that can play a significant role in their beard growth journey. If you are one of those men who want a fuller and thicker beard? You tried everything to make your beard grow faster and fill those patches, but still, you didn’t get the result as you expected? Then you should definitely try an innovative tool called a ‘’derma roller’’ that promises to deliver results for improved beard growth. I think it should be in every man’s arsenal who is battling against hair loss. Let us find out how derma roller can work for beard growth.


The Science Behind It:

Dermarollers have been quite famous among women. But actually they work for both men and women. Women have been using derma rollers for years to fight the signs of aging, scars, stretch marks, and hyperpigmentation. Using derma roller for beard and hair growth has been on the trend among men. Obviously, for women, the derma roller didn’t have the effect of beard growth. So what is actually the science behind derma roller’s effect on beard growth?

Facial hair is androgenic hair, meaning its growth rate is affected by the androgen hormones, testosterone, and Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). When you microneedle the beard area, it causes minute injuries on the surface of the skin. The body responds by increasing blood flow to the area which carries growth factors, androgenic hormones, nutrients, and collagen with it. All of which results in hair growth. However, the results vary in different people because of genetics as well as cultural differences like men from Japan and Korea have less beard growth as compared to the men in the Arab countries. As far as the effectiveness of using a derma roller for beard growth is concerned, you actually have to have some underlying beard growth. If there are no hair follicles in the area you wish to microneedle, unfortunately, a derma roller won’t be enough to help. However, it is effective if your hair growth is a little patchy and you still have some vellus type of hair growth in that area.

What Size Of Dermaroller To Use For Beard Growth?

Microneedling works by causing injuries into the skin. So to choose a derma roller for beard growth, you need a needle length that is long enough to provoke the body’s skin repair mechanism without damaging the skin. For beards and the facial area, the optimal derma roller size should be anywhere from 0.25 to 1.0mm. You must use the derma roller with caution and do not apply too much pressure, especially with longer needles because it can increase the risk of scarring and damaging the skin. Although, you should avoid using needles longer than 1mm because it can dangerous to use at-home treatments ( should only be used by a professional).

CAUTION: Do not use a derma roller or any invasive tool on your skin if you have a medical condition such as hemophilia or you take medication that prevents your blood from clotting.

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