Can Dermaroller Stimulate Facial Hair Growth?

Can Dermaroller Stimulate Facial Hair Growth?

In this era of constant revolutions and technological advancement, one thing is for sure that each person in this world will try to make the world better for himself/ herself. He will try everything that can make his life a little easier, luxurious, happy, and peaceful. Thus mankind has put a great effort to achieve these goals and to flourish. Although we accept the fact that men have worked hard and have been able to make great achievements in every industry, but it is not wrong to state that he has left his self-care far behind. Taking care of his face is far down his priority list. Nowadays, many individuals have started taking care of their skin, and to help them in their journey there is one such tool that can do wonders to both skin and facial hair-we are talking about the miraculous dermaroller.

What Is A Dermaroller?

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Dermaroller as the name implies is shaped like a roller that resembles a lawn roller. The only difference is that it has small needles covering the whole cylinder. Its needles range from 0.02 to 2mm in length. The purpose behind building such a product that can cause minor injury is the concept that only within one can heal. Now, what does this tool do is that it creates small injuries in the skin on which it is rolled this triggers the skin to produce more collagen to heal the skin cells. Which results in a tighter, brighter, smoother, and healthy new skin. It is very beneficial against removing signs of aging, wrinkles, stretch marks, and acne.

Dermarollers can be used in many ways for treating various skin issues. But one issue which is rather uncommon to be associated with dermaroller is its effectiveness in promoting hair growth. Yes you heard it right dermaroller is very good in treating hair loss, in fact, it does wonders.

 Dermarollers And Hair Growth:

Patchy beard and no facial hair is a problem which is quite common in men. Beard is a conclusive symbol of masculinity for many men. It is no news that hair loss or patchy beards can be quite distressing for many men. And some even struggle to grow a good beard. It can be due to genetics, hormonal issues, or skin damage. If you have tried everything but had no luck, then we have a miracle product that is scientifically proven to promote hair growth.

Science Behind Microneedling For Hair Growth:

The mechanism of action of the dermaroller for beard hair is simple:

  1. The small needles of the dermaroller create microinjuries on the skin.
  2. The body counteracts this damage and starts the healing process by increasing the production of collagen and keratin.
  3. Circulation to the affected area increases, which carries nutrient & hormone-rich blood to the beard area.

How To Use Dermaroller For Facial Hair Growth:

If your no-shave November beard turned out to be more of a November scruff, then dermaroller is the ultimate solution for you. If you do research on derma roller you can find that it is very effective in promoting facial hair growth, especially with dermaroller size of 0.25 to 1.5mm. This is the most preferable size for treating hair issues. This size coordinates well because it can reach well to the hair follicles which lie in the depth of 1 to 2mm from the skin. This results in an in-depth penetration of the product directly to your hair follicles to stimulate their growth.

Here’s How You Can Use The Dermaroller In The Proper Way To Get Desired Results.

  1. Wash your face with a gentle pH cleanser.
  2. Visualize your face in small sections so that it is easier for the dermaroller to cover every area.
  3. Sterilize the dermaroller by dipping in it 70% isopropyl alcohol.
  4.  Gently run the dermaroller in a horizontal, and vertical direction.
  5. Cover each section by running the dermaroller 6 to 8 times.
  6. Apply a topical growth promoting product hair like minoxidil (5%).

What Size Of Dermaroller Should We Use For Promoting Facial Hair Growth?

Microneedling works by causing injuries into the skin. So to choose a derma roller for beard growth, you need a needle length that is long enough to provoke the body’s skin repair mechanism without damaging the skin. For beards and the facial area, the optimal derma roller size should be anywhere from 0.25 to 1.0mm. You must use the derma roller with caution and do not apply too much pressure, especially with longer needles because it can increase the risk of scarring and damaging the skin. Although, you should avoid using needles longer than 1mm because it can dangerous to use at-home treatments. It should only be used by a professional.

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