Does micro-needling help with hyperpigmentation

Does micro-needling help with hyperpigmentation

Microneedling is taking the lead amongst all other skin treatments because it’s a very safe yet effective procedure. And guess what can be done at home without any professional help. It basically involves piercing the skin with tiny needles to make small wounds in order to pace up the regeneration process and to boost the production of collagen in your skin. There were other treatments prior to this which were good in treating skin issues like acne, wrinkles, scars but none of them were good enough to treat hyperpigmentation. They did lighten the spots but took too long and still couldn’t erase them. Microneedling has been proved to be an effective treatment for hyperpigmentation. Keep on reading to find out how can we use micro needling for hyperpigmentation.

What is Hyperpigmentation?

Hyperpigmentation is when some part of your skin becomes darker this is due to the uneven production of melanin in your skin. This excess production of melanin can be because of hormonal changes, sunburn, injuries, acne, and blemishes. They are totally harmless but they tend to stand out and make people feel self-conscious all the time and with time these dark spots become very rigid and stubborn so instead of fading away, they become very distinct on the skin. The treatments used before, they did lighten the spots but took too long and still couldn’t erase them. Micro-needling is the only guaranteed procedure to treat hyperpigmentation.

As you age, the production of new skin cells decreases drastically, and with time these cells accumulate over and give the skin a very dull appearance. So that’s when micro-needling comes in handy. It gives your skin the perfect boost.

How to do micro-needling?

Micro-needling is a procedure that involves the use of a dermaroller that contains numerous tiny needles. The dermaroller is then gently placed on the specific part of the skin to inject these needles at different spots to create micro-injuries. It is a type of collagen induction therapy. The small punctures trigger the skin to start its healing process. In three to four days one can see the injured skin becoming dry and after that, it starts to peels off. This whole process takes about 10 to 20 days. Then a new layer of skin is formed and is free from any kind of spots or marks.

Micro needling for Hyper pigmentation.

There is evidence proving that microneedling can be used as a treatment for dark spots. Dark spots can be formed on two layers. One is the epidermis and second is the dermis layers of the skin. Both can be treated with the help of micro needling. This procedure requires 4 to 6 sessions with a gap of 4 to 8 weeks between each session to get the best results. The skin starts responding to these treatments right after the first session. At the end of this whole process, you get rejuvenated and spot-free skin.

Below is the list of different kinds of hyperpigmentation which can be treated by micro-needling:

Scar hyperpigmentation

Scar hyperpigmentation is a type of hyperpigmentation that occurs when an injury or blemish heals. It can treat hyperpigmentation in all skin types. As it lightens the skin so it is a safe and effective way, it works fine as long as you don’t have sensitive skin that scars easily.


Melasma is the appearance of brown or gray-brown dark spots. It is very commonly found on the face. Micro-needling is an effective treatment for this condition because of its ability to lighten skin.


Excessive exposure to sunspot tends to develop on the skin. They are flat brown spots that often resemble large freckles. The regenerative effects that micro needling has to offer on the skin can prove to be an effective treatment against sunspots.

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