Dermarolling for Stretch Marks

Dermarolling for Stretch Marks

Derma Rolling for Stretch Marks – You might be wondering, “How in the world is rolling little needles into your face can be effective for your skin? Why are these celebrities and models incorporating a tool named derma roller in their beauty routines? Because of the benefits, it poses!

What is dermarollering?

Dermarolling, often referred to as micro-needling or collagen induction therapy, Microneedling, often referred to as dermarolling or collagen induction therapy, is a cosmetic procedure that involves using a rolling device with needles to puncture thousands of tiny holes into the skin (yes, seriously). The holes that the needles create in the skin are superficial. So, despite how terrifying it may seem, the treatment is minimally invasive.

Dermarolling works by creating micro-injuries to boost collagen and elastin production and eventually speed up cell turnover. Fans of dermarolling claim that it can treat everything from hyperpigmentation, dry skin, wrinkles, to stretch marks, scars, cellulite.

How dermaroling works for stretch marks?

Anyone who has stretch marks on their skin needs derma rollers. Stretch marks are the result of rapid weight gain or loss-when the skin stretches. Our skin has a natural elasticity and is designed to allow a degree of stretching. When the skin stretches beyond that limit, it starts tearing up and stretch marks are the result.

These marks tend to be very noticeable at first, usually rough, patchy and red or purple in color. They eventually fade to white color and become smooth. However, they won’t disappear completely on their own. That’s where dermarolling can be of use!

Stretch marks are often natural but can have a huge impact on your self-esteem, especially those in visible areas. People are desperately trying new ways, spending millions of dollars to get rid of those pesky stretch marks. The derma roller offers a simple yet successful stretch mark treatment at a fraction of the cost of other cosmetic treatments like laser therapy.

Dermarolling on stretch marks works by the same mechanism as with other imperfections on the skin. It works by breaking up the damaged skin cells, which in turn boosts collagen and elastin production to compensate as it heals. This helps the skin to become firmer, plumper, tighter. Moreover, when used in conjunction with a serum, it boosts the absorption of the ingredients. Best serums to use along with dermarolling for stretch marks world be EGF Serum, Vitamin C Serum, Elastin Serum or even Trio Regeneration Serum.

Derma Rolling for Stretch Marks
Derma Rolling for Stretch Marks

How to use the Derma Rolling for Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are deep scars in the skin and usually, a 1.5mm-3.0 mm derma roller would be effective. But if you are not sure which needle length to choose, start with a smaller needle length like 1.5mm. For stretch marks on those areas where the skin is thinner and can bruise, use a 1.0mm derma roller.

1) first, disinfect your roller by letting it soak in 70% isopropyl alcohol for 6-7 minutes.

2) Clean the area you wish to treat with a gentle pH-balanced cleanser.

3) You may wish to use numbing cream because for stretch marks usually a longer needle length dermaroller (2.0-3.0mm) is used. Make sure to remove the cream completely before rolling.

4) Slightly pull the skin of the area to be treated taut with your free hand. Roll in one direction 6 to 8 times forward and backward in 3 directions: vertically, horizontally and diagonally. To allow the needle to penetrate the skin deeply, apply a bit of pressure. Slightly lift the derma roller after each roll to create new micro-channels in the skin rather than going over the same ones repeatedly.

5) After you’re done dermarolling, wash the treated area with water only and allow it to air-dry.

6) Apply a small amount of skin serum to the area.

7) Protect the area with moisturizer and sunblock if you are going out.

8) Disinfect your roller.

Note: Avoid dermarolling for 4 weeks (if using a 1.5mm derma roller) or 5 weeks (if using a 2.0mm derma roller). Use plenty of moisturizer or serum to prevent the skin from getting dry. After four to five weeks, repeat this process.

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