Does Micro needling Make Wrinkles Worse?

Does Micro needling Make Wrinkles Worse?

Microneedling-aka needling on the face. It may sound absolutely distressing, but it actually works! You may have seen the blood-covered faces of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and many others, as frightening as it looks, but still, they consider micro needling for their skin problems. So, what’s the go? Why are people rolling needles on their faces? We hear you ask. Well, this treatment is a total all-rounder and many people swear by it. Microneedling is to work for known to promote skin brightening, anti-aging, and reduce wrinkles. Can micro needling treat some serious skin issues like wrinkles? Here everything you need to know about micro needling for wrinkles.

What is Micro needling for Wrinkles?

It’s normal to really feel a little concerned if you have not yet tried micro needling. But, once you really experience this procedure firsthand, you’ll see that it is reasonably straightforward-and not as frightening as it sounds.

Microneedling is an aesthetic skin procedure that’s mainly utilized to reduce the signs of aging. All the anti-aging folks love microneedling. It reduces the appearance of stretch marks, acne scars, hyperpigmentation, and wrinkles.

Many people swear by the wonders of a tiny device called dermaroller. It is used to microneedle on the face and creates small punctures on the skin. It promotes the production of skin essential proteins-collagen and elastin. Another name of micro needling is collagen induction treatment or percutaneous collagen induction.

Microneedling has been a potential treatment for wrinkles. Many studies prove its anti-aging effect. When a derma roller is rolled on wrinkles, the needles create small injuries. These small wounds start to heal by our body’s natural healing system. The new skin produced appears to be more tight and firm because of the production of collagen. The renewed skin appears more full and plumped.

Does Microneedling make Wrinkles Worse?

While micro needling is considered as the best treatment for wrinkles, there are some people that have experienced increased wrinkling after micro needling. So does micro needling actually contribute to increasing wrinkles? The answer is no and then a small yes at the same time. There are some possibilities that can lead to increased wrinkling after medical micro needling.

After micro needling, your skin loses water as a result of needles pricking your skin and damaging the cells. Your skin can appear extremely dry and the lines can appear worse for the first few days after treatment. But I can assure you that any wrinkle that develops quickly is temporary and not due to loss of structural integrity. To prevent this you must hydrate your skin by loads of moisturizer. For getting the results of microneedling for wrinkles, all I can say that patience is the key, and changes are gradual and incremental. And one needs to manage expectations in that noticeable improvement after only three months will not always be dramatic. It can also take from six months to a year for results to appear in some cases.

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