Five Things To Do to Avoid Infection When Using Dermarollers

Five Things To Do to Avoid Infection When Using Dermarollers

Among the side-effects, probably the most serious would be acquiring an infection.  Knowing that, how would you prevent it?  And what are the things that you can do to avoid it.  But first, why does infection occurs?

Infection: A Serious Side-effect of Dermarollers?

The possibility of getting an infection and irritation after a dermarolling therapy is minimal. [1] It usually occurs when there is an improper use or application of the dermarolling device.  Probably, some may have opted to try a do-it-yourself device and after using it they did not sterilize it or put it in a hot water.

If they re-use it without cleaning it properly, it may harbor an infectious organism that may cause irritation or inflammation.  Other possible cause is that you did not apply any topical antibiotic cream to safeguard your skin against secondary infection.

Or after the treatment, you were exposed to obnoxious or harmful material that may have aggravated the erythema.  This may worsen the situation making you more prone to infection.  So here are the five practical things that you can do to avoid having an infection after dermarolling therapy:

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Tip No. 1 – Use topical antibiotic Cream

All patients who undergo a dermarolling therapy in medical clinics are advice to use a topical antibitoc cream or “fusidic acid”.  They are instructed to apply it within 24 hours to guard them against getting a secondary infection.  Patients are also told to use moisturizing creams to lessen the erythema.[2]

More so, they are also advice to use sunscreens with SPF or sun protection factor of at least 30 during the day. 2

Tip No. 2 – When Re-using Needles Make Sure to Clean it Thoroughly

Do-it-yourself dermarollers or home care treatment rollers can be used for several times.  Thus, if you are planning to buy one, cleaning the device every after use cannot be overly emphasized. Remember, dermarollers have microneedles which penetrate deeply into the skin.

It works by creating micro channels so it can effectively deliver topical creams or serums for more efficient results. If you do not clean it properly, you may introduce a bacterial or viral agent into your skin which may cause infection and inflammatory reactions.

To make sure that you clean it properly, there are many cleaning agents that you can buy at a local grocery or drug store.  These sanitizing agents are effective in killing bacteria and harmful germs within seconds.

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Tip No. 3 – Avoid Prolong Outdoor Activities

After dermarolling treatment, you may observe that you have pinpoint redness in your skin. Microneedling creates micro injury to stimulate the growth factors in the skin that will activate the collagen and elastin production.  This will in turn promote proliferation of new collagen and elastin that helps makes the skin look younger and will eventually help reduce scars, pigmentation, wrinkles, skin lines and many others.

So, when you expose your skin under the heat of the sun after a dermarolling therapy, it may cause more erythema that may delay the wound healing. More so, since the pores are not yet fully closed, you may get exposed to dirt’s, pollens, smokes and many others that may harbor an infectious agent.

To prevent any infection, it is best to keep yourself protected.  Don’t go out in the streets, or go in the park for a picnic or go to a beach.  Anyways, it is just for a few days, when the redness disappears and you observed that it is completely healed; you can go back to your regular activities.

Dermarolling therapy has minimal downtime.  Usually, you can get back to work a day after the treatment.  Just avoid getting too much sun exposure or avoid any outdoor activities that will delay the wound healing.

Tip No. 4 – Avoid Strenuous Exercise

If you plan to exercise after a dermarolling therapy, better to postpone it on the later day of the week.  You see, when you go for an exercise, you may sweat a lot.  This may cause irritation to your skin, and you will be more prone to infection if it becomes swollen and or erythematous.

This slight change in your daily routine is only temporary. Just take a rest first and wait for your skin to heal completely.

Tip No. 5 – Don’t use Dermarollers when your skin is Inflamed

If you have skin irritation, pimples with pus, or a healing wound, better to postpone your dermarolling therapy. Wait for the existing skin problem to resolve first before using dermarollers. If you use it, you may worsen the problem and make your skin more prone to infectious agent.

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Take the Necessary Precautionary Measures!

Dermarolling therapy is a relatively safe and easy procedure. If ever there are side-effects it is not that serious except for the risk of infection.  The infection occurs if you are not careful in using the device or you do not clean it properly.

You may also get infected if you do not apply topical antibiotic cream which protects you from acquiring secondary infection.  You should also stay away from areas with too much dirt, to avoid getting exposed to infection.  So better postpone your picnic, beach activities, biking in the park and so on.

If you follow these precautionary measures, you will prevent any irritation and or infection. In just a few days, you will see the results of dermarolling treatment.  Anyhow, any discomfort from your end is only temporary and you will get back to work as soon as your skin is completely healed.


[1] Haripriya Kalluri, Chandra Sekhar Kolli, and Ajay K. Bangacorresponding author. (2011 ). Characterization of Microchannels Created by Metal Microneedles: Formation and Closure. AAPS J. , 473–481

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