Great Alternatives To Dermapen

Great Alternatives To Dermapen

You might have heard about the most popular skin treatment right now called the microneedling. It involves rolling your face with a tool topped with sterile microneedles. Many people out there are frightened and intimidated at the same time by the idea of rolling thousands of needles on your face, but I tell you the minor discomfort is easily outweighed by major benefits. But in the end, Pain is beauty, and beauty is pain, so, how much you are willing to suffer for your skin and beauty? There are many devices that can be used to perform microneedling. The oldest one is the dermaroller, but nowadays another tool that has been popular is the dermapen. Before finding out the alternatives to dermapen, we need to know that exactly a dermapen is.


The first and the far most used alternative to our mighty dermaroller. A dermapen is a tool designed to perform microneedling of the skin. The tool looks like a pen as the name indicates. It comes with a handy holder with needles on top. Micro needling with dermapen creates a controlled trauma on the skin. The skin responds by producing a natural wound healing response and starts the repair process. This causes your skin to overdrive the production of essential skin protein. Although, dermapen has many advantages over the dermaroller. The dermapen microneedles the skin vertically which creates less trauma on the skin. Dermaroller is entirely manual which can cause an error while dermapen is an automated device.

Alternatives to Dermapen:


Dermastamp is a small handheld micro needling device. The derma stamp has 40 to 117 high-grade stainless steel or titanium micro needles attached to a handheld plastic handle. The microneedles range from 0.25mm to 1.25mm long in devices. It works by stamping the skin to create tiny holes that heal very quickly. 

The dermastamp has several advantages over the dermaroller for specific purposes. First of all, it is way cheaper than a dermaroller-like a 20$ to 200$ difference. Secondly, it is an ideal tool for treating those areas which are difficult to reach like the one between the eyebrows and the deep lines surrounding the lips. The only disadvantage is that dermastamp covers a small area of the skin. It takes a long time to work on the whole face.

Newest Alternative to the Dermapen, The Vacuum Dermaroller Device:

It is an advanced tool used for microneedling. Instead of needles, it uses vacuum suction on the skin. It is one of cool alternatives to dermapen. It is a form of PRP therapy, A.K.A the Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy, which involves the addition of a platelet-rich serum on the skin. The procedure involves collecting blood from the person to make PRP. Then the PRP is inserted in the device that injects the PRP into the skin while creating a suction on the skin for better penetration of serum. The main goal of this therapy is to target imperfections of the skin. It is the best option for the people who are scared of needles and still want to do microneedling. The traditional dermaroller creates microinjuries which then cause the blood to ooze out from the skin and nourishes the skin with blood nutrients. While the vacuum dermarolling device, directly uses the extracted blood nutrients on the face with the needling process. It is a pretty expensive device as compared to the dermaroller device.

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