540 Needle Dermaroller Review: Why We Don’t Sell These

540 Needle Dermaroller Review: Why We Don’t Sell These

Once in a while we get the same inquiry from our client – why we don’t offer the 540 needle dermaroller that may be found in other dermarollers shop. To be genuine numerous producers have requested that we incorporate their 540 needles dermarollers to our shop, yet after researching these sorts of rollers we’ve chosen these are not safe and suggested for smaller at home needling sessions. Below you will discover key reasons why your can’t purchase 540 needle dermaroller in our shop.

What is a 540 needle dermaroller?

540 needle dermarollers are generally sold on eBay & Amazon, beneath you can see a decent photo of these.

540 needle dermarollers found on amazon

540 needle dermarollers appear like an awesome beauty tool as they have approx twice as much needles as other “standard” ~192 needle dermarollers – this is by all accounts an extraordinary advantage why to lean toward these. However, is it truly so?

Is the 540 needle derma roller better than the 192 or 200 needle dermarollers?

Typically 540 needle rollers are asserted to have these advantages:

  • 540 needle triangular knives needlesMore needles makes needling treatment faster and allows to make more collagen growth stimulating miniaturized channels.
  • Thinner needles for less painful derma-rolling.
  • Diamond shape needles additionally making less inconvenience amid needling.

As indicated by the advantages over 540 needle rollers are truly extraordinary, yet we should investigate these benefits. On the right you can see a sample of a 540 needle dermaroller >>>>

From the image you can see, that the needles are not needles by any means, but rather sharp plates of triangular blades!

CLAIM 1 More needles makes miniaturized scale needling treatment quicker and permits to make more collagen instigation smaller scale channels.

There is a reason the collagen induction treatment is called “micro needling” and not “micro-cutting” or “micro-cutting”. We don’t suggest these sort of “needles”. There basically are no clinical results accessible for this kind of roller. The producer as we would like to think needed to dispatch an “extraordinary” dermaroller and did that by offering leeway of more “needles”. Lamentably more needles for this situation doesn’t bring about better and quicker results, gambling for genuine skin damage, specially if utilizing long needles that could for all time harm skin and cause scarring.

CLAIM 2 Thinner needles for less excruciating derma-rolling.

As should be obvious from the amplified picture underneath, the 540 needle dermaroller needles are not more slender, actually the thickness of these “needles” is exceptionally bolt at it’s tip, yet gets continuously more extensive towards the needles plate base.

CLAIM 3 Diamond shape needles additionally making less distress amid needling.

As you see from the pictures in this article, the 540 needle roller needles aren’t generally needles – these are similar to little triangular blades, the don’t look diminished, or diamond shape by any means.


The configuration of the 540 needle roller may look attractive, yet it’s truly troublesome for such triangular sorts of needles to enter the skin without harming or scarring it. We’ve known about considerations that this sort of rollers are less agonizing to utilize – this is conceivable in light of the fact that when tenderly moving roller on the skin, due the state of these needles, they don’t infiltrate the skin to their full length. Which tragically implies that they are not functioning as successfully as same size standard dermarollers.

Keeping in mind the end goal to get the needles to enter to their maximum length, you would need to press about twice as hard than you would with a standard 192 needle derma roller. This causes injury to the skin and is exceptionally scarring. Moreover, on the grounds that the blades kind of needles get more extensive towards the base, they cut open the skin (as opposed to puncturing it), which can cause genuine scarring.

We advice using the standard dermarollers with real needles – such that has been utilized as a part of research of collagen induction treatments.

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