Clinical Studies on Long-Term Effects of Derma rollers: Truth Unfold

Clinical Studies on Long-Term Effects of Derma rollers: Truth Unfold

Have you tried using derma roller on your scars, wrinkles, and other skin marks? If you do, you may have seen the effects of derma rollers to your skin. Your experience is a testimony whether it is effective or not.

If you haven’t tried it yet, it is a practical idea to read more on the long terms effects of derma rollers so you can weigh the benefits versus side effects. There are many new studies on the effects of derma rollers on the skin and in here you will get to learn the recent updates on derma rollers and its long-term effects.


How Derma Rollers Work?

Derma rolling therapy is one of the many types of micro needling therapy. It involves puncturing the skin with micro-sized needles to induce production of newer skin cells for rejuvenation. It is also used for transdermal delivery of topical drugs.

There are lots dermatologic and cosmetic clinics which are using derma rolling therapy as part of their regular services.  They used various types of topical cosmetic products and serums to enhance its effect. The so-called cosmeceuticals are used before the start of micro needling therapy to elicit the desired therapeutic effects.

Derma rolling therapy is not only practice in the clinics but it is also accessible for home use. In fact, you can easily order a derma roller online including the suggested serums and other topical agents.

Derma rollers have micro needles which are hollow or solid cannula that is used to effectively deliver various kinds of topical agents. In fact, it is being used to deliver macromolecules like growth hormones, immunobiologicals, and insulin.

In dermatology clinics, this device is used to increase the skin penetration to treat melasma by using depigmenting serums. Nevertheless, derma rolling is commonly used in dermatology to create micro injuries that would lead to increased elastin and collagen production. It is also used for skin rejuvenation.

To enhance its therapeutic effects, various topical agents are applied before derma rolling.  It can significantly reduce and improve the skin appearance against acne scars, dyspigmentation, wrinkles and traumatic scars. Derma rolling therapy can be used by rolling over the derma roller device on the skin in various directions. Once the micro needle penetrates the skin, it induces a rapid response particularly on longer micro needle length.



Is Derma Rolling Safe and Good for your Skin?

The use of derma rollers is rapidly increasing both in dermatologist clinic and in home use. So, is it really safe and good for the skin?

There are limited studies that discuss the safety profile of derma rolling therapy. This is understandable considering that this is a novel procedure.

The popularity of derma rolling therapy can be due to the fact that it involves a very simple procedure, it is easy to use and it is a lot cheaper than other cosmetic device.  It is also easily accessible for home use.

But there are reported cases of hypersensitivity reactions to derma rollers. This could be probably due to the application of non approved topical products which are applied before micro needling. Using non approved drug is risky because it can induce an allergic reaction to the skin.

It may introduce immunogenic particle into the skin that may potentiate a local or systemic hypersensitivity reactions. Given the fact that derma rolling therapy is very popular, dermatologist and a consumer who uses home care products should be more aware of its potential consequences.

If you are using home care derma rollers, you need to be very careful in choosing topical serums. Make sure that you don’t have any allergic reaction to it, so you won’t have any other potential skin problems.  It is like buying a make-up, you need to test it first on your skin, and check if it does not cause any redness or inflammation afterwards.


Various Studies on the Effects of Derma Rolling Therapy on the Skin


Fractional Micro Needling Therapy for Treatment of Rosacea

Researchers from South Korea had 12 week clinical trials among patients suffering from mild to moderate forms Rosacea. The study has shown that patients with this condition have modest histological and clinical improvement following the fractional micro needling (FMR) therapy.

The researchers concluded that FMR may be an option for patients who had treatment failure in medical therapy and those who are resistant to long-term therapy. It can also be an option for pregnant women who do not want to take any topical or oral medication. They also recommend further evaluation of the efficacy of multiple FMR treatments and the combination therapy with other drugs.


Micro Needling Therapy for Atrophic Acne Scars

Derma rolling therapy has been widely used in the treatment of acne scars. Although, treating acne scars is always a challenge, derma rolling therapy offers a promising treatment option. In a prospective clinical study, ten patients with atrophic acne scars had three months of micro needling therapy. They had six sessions with two week intervals.

After the treatment period, patients were compared from the baseline. The evaluation revealed that there is noticeable clinical improvement on the post acne scarring in response to the micro needling treatment. There was a statistically significant result noted at the end of the treatment period. Hence, the researchers noted that minimally invasive procedures like derma rolling therapy are effective treatment in post acne atrophic scars. They also pointed out that micro needling help stimulates the repair process of the skin. It has the advantage of being risk-free and in-office or home-based procedure with minimal recovery time.


Anti-Arthritic Effects of Micro Needling Treatment Using a Bee Venom Gel

In a recent study, micro needling therapy is used together with Bee Venom Gel to suppress the gouty arthritis inflammation. Studies have shown significant results considering that bee venom gel has effective anti-inflammatory effects. Micro needles on the other hand, can promote effective absorption of the active macromolecules of the Bee venom gel.


Derma Rolling and its Long-Term Effects

Micro needling therapy promises permanent and long-term improvement of the skin’s appearance against various signs of aging and other skin marks. It has an increasing popularity because of its effectiveness, ease of use, cheaper and faster recovery time unlike other traditional and advanced cosmetic procedures.



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