Anti-wrinkle Skin Care With Dermarolling

Anti-wrinkle Skin Care With Dermarolling

First of all, skin is considered one of the most important and biggest organ in our body. It covers all of our inner organisms and compounds. Furthermore skin is suppose to protect our organism from any outside harm. That is why it is so important to take good care of our skin. Nevertheless, in time as we get older, our skin loses more and more humidity and nutrients. Because of that it is important to get the skin moisturized and filled with nutrients it needs. One safest way to infuse your skin with nutrients and anti-wrinkle it naturally is microneedling.

One of the often usage of dermarolling is because of its anti-wrinkle benefits. While you make tons of micro punctures into your skin, using dermaroller, it makes your skin to produce a lot more elastin and collage than it normally does. Also it fills all the fine lines and wrinkles that way, making you look fresher and younger. Regular usage of dermaroller maximum of once a month will insure better results in the long-term.

Is It Safe To Use Dermaroller?

Using dermaroller is completely safe. Dermarollers’ needles are tiny enough to only affect the outer layer of our skin which is the visible layer of our skin. This little cosmetic needling tool will create tiny micro injuries in the skin and will demolish the skin structure in the outer layer. As a result that skin area will start actively produce collagen and elastin. As a result they make a new fresh structure for our skin.

That way skin renews itself and will boost it up, being more moisturized as it was before, therefore filling in all the fine lines and wrinkles. Breaking down the skin structure in the outer layer of our skin is also good for different kind of scars, because it will break down the scar tissue and new moisturized skin structure will be formed, making scars go lighter and smoother and with regular use they can disappear completely.

How fast Can I See the Results?

First couple of days there will be a little bit redness in your skin as well as there might be slight swelling of the skin. This is necessary for your organism to believe that the skin is injured, which will begin the skin formation process. Those micro injuries will work as tiny tunnels inside your skin. Due to them any anti-wrinkle and moisturizing products that you will use during that time will absorb into the skin much better. Different vitamin serums and moisturizing creams after the procedure will help to better the results.

You should be able to see some of the results already right after the redness and swelling goes down. Furthermore it is important to keep in mind that the skin formation and fresh collagen producing processes will continue even for many months after the procedure. That is why regular microneelding in every 3-4 weeks will make the results better and deeper. So there are certainly some results already short-term after the procedure but there will be even better results long-term and with regular use. Although, keep in mind that every usage requires a new dermaroller to avoid any infections in your skin that might ruin your results.

Lengths of the Dermaroller Needles

Probably from our e-store you will notice that dermaroller has different lengths and it might be difficult to make the choice. We will help you out in that department a bit. The smallest are 0,5 mm needles that can be used on any of the areas. Those 0,5 mm needles are safe to use once every 3 weeks.

Next length is the 1,0 mm needles which can be used once a month and best to use on the face and neck. The 1,0 mm needles are perfect using to remove wrinkles and fine-lines, even stretch marks and acne scars. Also it also helps well for reducing hyperpigmentation spots and overall smooths skin texture. This type of needles are usually best for the anti-wrinkle effect.

Finally the deepest 1,5 mm needles are rather for very deep wrinkles and more serious surgical or burn scars, severe acne scars etc. Also it is important to take longer break, at least 6-8 weeks before another procedure.

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