What Product Features you Need to Look for a Dermaroller?

What Product Features you Need to Look for a Dermaroller?

When shopping for a dermaroller, what are the usual features that you need to look out for? When you buy a gadget say for example, you look into the product features as a determining factor whether you will buy the device or not. This is also the same thing when shopping for a dermaroller. It is very important that you have a background on the product, before buying so you know how to find the one suited for you.

There are many dermarollers that are available to choose from. But not all of them are alike.  You have to be selective in choosing your rollers, because there are many newer versions which have many incredible features to improve the dermarolling outcome.

Before you buy your dermaroller, you should read this first, so you will have an idea what to look for in a product. Remember, that it is not about the price of the dermarollers that matters, it’s all about the quality and the product features that do matter.

Dermaroller can produce incredible results if you use it correctly and coupled it with a very good product. If you will ask people who used dermarollers before, they will attest the rapid evolution of dermarollers. There are many improvements in dermarollers, since then, and newer versions has a lot to offer!

Product Feature 1: Product Quality

You cannot argue with a high quality product. It is especially built to withstand continued used.  High quality products are sturdy and durable. It is made from quality material and has a stronger needle.

Quality-made products have a protective cover to ensure that you won’t accidentally hurt yourself when you used it. The cover will also protect the dermaroller in case you drop it so the needles will not break easily. You should not buy dermarollers without any protective cover because if anything happens and the needle breaks, it may be left behind in your skin while rolling. This may trigger an infection which will be more harmful to your skin.


Product Features 2: Good Coverage for the Eye Area

There are a number of dermarollers which are specially designed for hard-to-reach areas like the eye area. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive so you need to find a special roller that is applicable for this area.

Just remember that dermarollers for the eye area are extremely fragile. The needles are very thin so you need to be very careful when using it. Without proper handling, you may accidentally break it.

More so, the dermarolling treatment in the eye is quite painful.

There are dermarolling products which has a removable roller head where you can actually change different needle sizes to fit for a particular purpose. There are different rollers used for the face, body and the sensitive areas around the eyes. So you don’t actually have to buy a new dermaroller just for a certain treatment.

You can actually buy only one roller, which serve different purpose. Some versions have three roller heads with different needle sizes which is fitted for one dermaroller. When you find it, it is a very good deal because you don’t need to buy three dermarollers.

Product Features 3: High Quality Dermaroller Material

Dermarollers are made from different product materials. Some are made in plastic, steel, and titanium material. The older versions of dermarollers are made from very good quality plastic with needles that are made from steel. Although, the needles seem strong, it is prone to get rusty if you do not take good care of it.

Product Features 4: Reader-Friendly Instructional Manual

There are some dermaroller products which doesn’t have a good how-to-manual. If you are a newbie, it is best if you could get a dermaroller which has a step-by-step guide on how to use the product. It will be a lot easier for you if you have clear instructions or read the instructions from our blog before starting testing it on your own skin. This will also keep you from having a poor outcome because of poor instructional manual.


Product Features 5: Detachable Roller Head

There are some products with only one dermaroller but there are three or more roller heads with different needle sizes. This is an excellent product because you got to pay for one dermaroller, but it can do three different jobs in various areas in the body. It will save you a lot of space in the bathroom and money as well.

Just be careful when removing the roller heads. Make sure that you do it properly so you will not accidentally hurt yourself.  Each of the roller heads should also have a protective cover.

Product Features 6: Needles Made of Titanium

When choosing a dermaroller, look for the ones made in titanium not in steel. The downside of using steel-made dermarollers is that it bends, it gets rusty and its dull to use. This is very dangerous because it may trigger an inflammatory response which can cause an infection. The treatment can also be painful if this happens. The best dermaroller products are made of titanium. The titanium made needles are ultra sharp, durable, and very strong. 

Product Features 7: Sterilize Prior to Packing

Look for a product that mentions “sterilize prior to packing”.  Remember, you are going to use the dermaroller to your skin, and it can also be used for transdermal drug delivery. Hence, the product will have to penetrate the deeper layers of your skin.  If it is not sterilize, you may introduce harmful bacteria in the skin which can be the cause of an infectious process.

Bottom line

The safety and success of using dermarollers lies on the proper use and handling of the device as well as the quality of the product you are using.  It is very important that you choose high quality product over cheap and low-price product because it is especially designed for 100% effectiveness and success-rate. Don’t believe in what you read from the product label, take time to research on the product features so you would know which product has the better features.

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