How To Clean Derma Roller?

How To Clean Derma Roller?

Why is it so important to clean your roller and what happens if you don’t? First thing we want to make clear is that you have to clean your derma roller without a doubt. Using a dirty roller will bring loads of problems to your skin and health. Below you can find what are the cleaning options so you can choose the one you like the most.

Cleaning solution

We would recommend using at least 75% pure alcohol to clean your derma roller. Disinfecting the roller is the most important thing about using your derma roller. Actually, it is an easy process to clean it – all you need is 75% pure alcohol, a clean cup and paper towels. First, you should pour some of the liquid into a clean cup and let your derma roller stand still in alcohol for about 30 minutes. Second step is to remove derma roller from alcohol and wash gently with hot water. The third and final step is to let it air dry on a paper towel before putting it away. This paragraph should cover enough of how to clean derma roller. Make sure to keep it away from boiling water as it might cause damage to the needles.

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Why Clean Your Derma Roller?

Obviously the first reason for that is to keep it safe for your skin and health. When you have an infected derma roller, then you will most likely catch a skin infection that might turn out really bad. This is very dangerous because small needles are penetrating your skin in order to active collagen production. Everyone has a dream to achieve a perfect skin and get rid of different problematic areas. Derma roller should only bring you positive results – skin infection is not something that we are looking for. To achieve the best results, we would suggest to add serums to your dermarolling routine. Please keep in mind to keep your dermaroller as clean as possible and if you are not sure if it is clean – sanitize it again.

Never Borrow a Derma Roller!

As tempting as it might sound, you should never use anyone else dermaroller. Take it as a personal belonging or why not even the same as your underwear. No one would wear someone elses underwear – same goes for the derma roller. First of all, you never know how it has been used or sanitized. No matter who the person is who is willing to lend you the dermaroller, he/she might have a skin infection. Like we all know, dermaroller is penetrating your skin, so it has a high risk to get infected into something we do not want to. If there is even a small chance that you want to use your friends dermaroller – then do not do it. Feel free to buy yourself your very own dermaroller from our online store.

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