Rejuvenate your Skin Using Dermarolller: How Stem Cell Serums can help Make your Skin Look Younger?

Rejuvenate your Skin Using Dermarolller: How Stem Cell Serums can help Make your Skin Look Younger?

When you look into the mirror, do you see some fine wrinkles? Well, it is one of the sign of aging process and it is inevitable.  As you grow older, you will observe a lot of physical changes, more wrinkle lines, hairs turning white, and so on.  But, even though you cannot stop the natural occurrence of aging, you can do something to delay the process.

You may be in your late 30’s, 40’s or 50’s but through this rejuvenating process, you will not look like your age. So how is this possible?  There are lots of beauty products and other rejuvenating skin care product that promises to delay aging.  But there is one treatment that is becoming more popular in the dermatologist and aesthetic clinic, and this is the Microneedling therapy or Dermarollers therapy.

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How Dermarollers helps delay the aging process?

Dermarolling therapy uses a minimally invasive technique that causes controlled micro-injuries to the skin that will stimulate the formation of new elastin and collagen in the reticular dermis. It works on the concept that injuring the skin can activate the neutrophils which then stimulate the release of growth factors and cytokines.  It will then activate the proliferation of fibroblast, then re-epithelialisation and collagen remodeling.

Microneedling is used in a number of skin conditions including stretch marks, scarring, acne, pigmentation, and wrinkles.  It is also used as collagen induction therapy to rejuvenate the skin. When you use dermarollers, you can get away with fine wrinkles and you will have a younger and glowing skin.

This is because a new set of collagen and elastin was formed after the therapy.  The procedure is becoming more popular because it reduces the risk of scarring and skin trauma which is associated with other rejuvenating techniques.  The therapy uses hand held device like derma rollers which lessens the possibility of human errors.


Why Serums are Used in Dermarolling Therapy?  Is it really effective?

The skin is considered fastest growing and largest organ of the body. Thus, it has become a common channel for rejuvenating drug treatment and other therapeutic modalities in the aesthetic industry. Even the anti-aging creams are very popular topical serums used in dermarolling therapy.

In microneedling therapy, vertical insertions are performed to lessen the pain and allow the easy penetration of micro channels deep into the skin. This allows the easy delivery of topical serums. For over a decade, microneedles have been used in the dermal and transdermal delivery of drugs.

Dermatologist also observed a significant improvement in the patient’s skin condition with the use of microneedle plus serum. Studies have shown that microneedling is a potential method to enhance the absorption of serum, thus achieving better and significant results in the therapy. Even in treating melasma, microneedling is used with a topical serum which shows a more improved treatment modality.

There are many current studies that are being conducted that test a bigger sample with a longer duration of treatment and follow-up.  The researchers are using different topical serum to treat various skin conditions like melasma, acne and many others.



Can Stem Cell Serum Help you Look Younger?

A lot has been said about how effective stem cell serum treatment is in rejuvenating the skin.  In fact, it is one of the popular techniques that helps delay the aging process. Now, there are aesthetic treatments where stem cell serums are being used in dermarolling therapy.

Stem cells have growth factors that helps rejuvenate the skin, nails, mucous membrane and hair.  It can also repair any damaged tissues, heal wounds and regenerate the aging skin. There are many kinds of stem cells used, these are:

  • Plant Stem Cells
  • Human Stem Cell-conditioned medium

Among the two, only the patented plant stem cells are proven scientifically to stimulate the dermal cells. In fact it is a new and developing anti-aging treatment that is being introduced in the aesthetic industry.  Recent study shows that stem cell therapy can cause a significant improvement in the skins:

  • Hydration
  • Texture
  • Collagen
  • Dermal Thickness

Thus, microneedling is combined with this technology to treat various skin conditions that affects the face, neck and other difficult to treat areas of the body like the perioral and periorbital regions. Dermatologist who used the technique observed that it reduces any possible risks and the result showed a more elegant and natural results.


How often will you have this procedure?

Take note that the result varies depending on your skin condition.  Do you have many fine wrinkle lines? Or do you have other co-existing conditions?

Thus, it is always best to seek a consultation to your dermatologist, so you can properly be guided on how often you will use the dermarollers together with the serum.

But usually, in the dermatologist clinic, they usually recommend a minimum of five treatment plus maintenance treatment for three to six months, depending on your need.

For home care treatment, make sure to read the label carefully so you would now how to use it properly to avoid any adverse effects.


Microneedling Therapy Plus Serum: A Perfect Combination

Microneedling alone is already an effective treatment for skin rejuvenation.  But when combined with a stem cell serum, the effect can even be more successful.  Stem cells serum can help accelerate the natural wound healing process which provides activation of more growth factors. So, there is a faster healing response.

This is why; it is a very popular procedure, because a lot of patients are satisfied with the result.  More so, the effect of potential outcome can also be maximized.

The procedure is also relatively cheap and easy to perform, so a lot of people are attracted to this technique. As compared with the other expensive treatment modalities, dermarolling therapy offers the same efficiency at a lower cost.  You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars just to get a younger looking skin.

Combination treatments are very effective and popular in the sense that you are getting the best of both worlds.  Derma rollers are effective in skin rejuvenation through micro-injury that triggers the formation of new skin while, stem cell serums, helps in the acceleration of wound healing that results to a more natural and elegant results.


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