How Dermarolling Therapy Can Help you Have a Celebrity-like Skin?

How Dermarolling Therapy Can Help you Have a Celebrity-like Skin?

Do you want your skin to look flawless, smooth, and beautiful? Are you curious why your favorite celebrities have younger looking and glowing skin? Do you want to have the same skin that they have but you don’t have much budget to pay for a skin make-over?

Worry no more; dermarolling therapy is a great alternative for you if you are looking for a low-cost facial rejuvenation treatment. Unlike other skin therapy, dermarolling is not as expensive as compared with conventional dermatologic treatment. If you will have a medical dermarolling procedure, the only instrument needed in performing this procedure is a dermaroller and the medical personnel.

In case, you want to do-it-yourself, you can buy a dermaroller kit and you can perform it at home. There are many available homecare kits that you can find online or in the drugstore. Before using it, make sure that you read the instructions carefully on how to use it.

If you are a first-timer in using dermarollers, it wouldn’t hurt you if you ask your friends so at least you have an idea. There are also a lot of available free videos online, on how to perform it, so you will be acquainted with the technique. But you can always consult a dermatologist, so you won’t have the trouble of learning how to do it.

Anyhow, whether medical or do-it-yourself, dermarolling is a very easy and simple procedure to perform.  It can be performed even with minimal training.  The important thing is, you follow the instructions on how to do it and you sterilize the equipment.

Why Celebrities Love Dermarolling Therapy

Dermarolling therapy is a new dermatologic procedure that is used in different kinds of skin conditions.  It is used to remove:

  • Acne Scars
  • Post Varicella Scars
  • Post or Traumatic Burn Scars
  • Drug Delivery
  • Hyperhydrosis
  • Wrinkles
  • Fine Lines
  • Cellulites
  • Stretch marks


It can effectively remove these marks, only after a few session of dermarolling therapy. Aside from reduction of scars and marks, its application is also expanding. It is now being used in other conditions to treat alopecia or arrest of hair growth and for facial rejuvenation.

In fact, a lot of popular celebrities have tried it already. And it is one of the favorite dermatologic procedures among celebrities. Now, you know what are they using and why their skin look flawlessly smooth and beautiful!

The advantage of dermarolling therapy is that it will only take few hours to perform the procedure, so busy people can easily find time to visit a derma clinic. Unlike other conventional treatment, there are lesser side effects noted. Mostly, patients only experience transient redness and erythema which will resolve completely after a week.

Patients can also go back to their daily activities a day after the treatment, so it’s really very appropriate for the on-the-go persons.

So what is skin needling?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment procedure that is known for its simplicity, safety profile and effectiveness. [1] Initially, microneedling was introduced as one of the treatment armamentarium for facial rejuvenation.  For the past 10 years, a lot of new innovations have been made to the dermarolling instrument which is used to perform skin needling.1

In fact, the technique has been combined with other surgical procedure to provide an improved result. More so, it has established its safety profile for dark-skinned individuals who are more at risk for post inflammatory pigmentation. This side effect is common among techniques that cause alteration of the epidermis.1

Dermarolling therapy is now effective alone or in combination with other procedure to treat different kinds of skin conditions.1

How is Dermarolling Therapy used for Facial Rejuvenation?

The medical dermarolling therapy is effective for facial rejuvenation. How? It uses a medical dermarolling needles which are 0.5 to 1.5 mm in length.[2] A dermaroller is used which is a hand-held device with 192 micro needles.

This needles are use to penetrate the stratum corneum to create holes. The good thing about this treatment is it doesn’t damage the epidermis. During the treatment, the dermaroller is rolled for 15 times each in different directions. The procedure leads to the activation of growth factors which promotes the formation of new and natural collagen as well as elastin. This is why dermarolling therapy is also called percutaneous collagen induction therapy.

How long will it take for the entire procedure to be performed?

Dermarolling is a simple and fast office-based procedure. 2 The rolling can be done in just 15 to 20 minutes. But it usually depends on the extent of the damage areas. The one that takes most of the time is putting the topical anesthesia which will take around 45 minutes.

As you can see, in less than two hours the entire procedure is done. After the treatment you may observe pinpoint bleeding which is can be controlled easily. The side effects noted will be completely resolved in few days.

Usually, it would take few weeks, or a month before the next session is started. Dermatologist recommends a minimum of six weeks in between the two treatments to allow the natural collagen to form. 2 Depending on the severity of your skin condition, it may take several sessions before you can see a significant result.

But usually it would take three to four sessions to treat a moderate type of acne scars.2

Celebrity Like Skin?  Really?

No doubt, microneedling can help you get a celebrity like skin that you wanted for all this years. It helps remove scars so it will make your skin flawlessly smooth and beautiful. It helps form new and natural collagen so your skin will look young and fresh just like your favorite celebrity.

Thanks to the advancement of dermatologic procedures, everything is possible now. Replacing old skin is not that difficult anymore. So, if you want your skin to look flawless and more beautiful, try dermarolling therapy and see for yourself!



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