How To Grow Facial Hair With Dermarolling

How To Grow Facial Hair With Dermarolling

Men and women all over the world spend enormous amount of money for different kind of creams, elixirs and pills to keep their face skin moist and to boost up facial hair growth. Actually we have all those necessary compounds right there in our body, but sometimes they just need a little boost on the specific areas. In other words, this is what dermarolling is for.

For quite some time now dermarolling has been a procedure for many women and men to get rid of unpleasant scar tissue, smooth out some wrinkles or fine lines or even make their facial hair grow faster and fuller. Now technology has developed immensely so that all of us can perform this procedure ourselves in the comfort of our own homes.

Grow Facial Hair The Way You Want To

We all know that facial hair, like beard or eyebrows, doesn’t always grow evenly and sometimes they can grow in a way that there are still some sparse spots in places that really bother us. In other words, it doesn’t look good and the way we would want it to look. For instance, it is often why some women feel the need to paint over their eyebrows each morning or some men feel the need to shave their beard so often even though they would rather have a sexy manly beard themselves.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have thick and full facial hair exactly where you want to have them NATURALLY?

Dermarolling Doesn’t Require Artificial Chemicals

With dermaroller you can! You can check out the high quality dermarollers in our e-store to get started right away.

Dermaroller doesn’t require you to consume artificial chemical pills or use expensive creams on your face that all has impressive list of different unnatural chemicals inside them. You can use some natural serums along with dermaroller to boost up your results, but this is rather a suggestion than requirement in this procedure. In addition serums you can use just a pure water as well.

How Can Dermarolling Help With Hair Growth?

Let’s start from the beginning. So we have two different kinds of outer layers of our skin. Epidermis is the outermost layer of the skin, which basically defines our skin tone and provides waterproof barrier. This is the layer of the skin we see when we look in the mirror. Under that is dermis layer, where we have sweat glands and hair follicles for example. Therefore dermis is the skin layer that is most vital for hair growth.

Dermarolling is a procedure that causes a superficial injury, like a scratch, on your skin in the epidermis layer. The needles of dermaroller are very short so that they do not reach to the dermis layer of the skin, leaving dermis completely unharmed.

So Why Do We Need To Create Superficial Injury In The Epidermis Layer?

When our body signals an injury somewhere on our skin, it will increase the production of collagen and elastin in that injured area of the skin. This is necessary so that your body can heal the injury as fast as possible and create new skin cells instead of the injured ones. For this process, your body also sends different kinds of nutrients and hormones to that injured area to boost up the renewal process.

Basically, when causing an superficial injury in epidermis layer, we trick our body into believing that there is an injury, so it would start to produce more elastin and collagen and brings more hormones and nutrients into that skin area. All the while we do not actually harm the important layer of the skin – dermis – so we will not have any long term injury or negative effects on the skin.

Collagen And Elastin Helps Facial Hair Growth

Collagen is a vital protein in our body. There are at least 16 different types of collagen in our organism in total. It is basically a substance that holds our body together. We have a lot of collagen in our skin as well as in our bones, for example.

Elastin is also a very elastic protein. Therefore it will help the tissue to maintain it’s original form after being stretched out, meaning it makes the tissue elastic. Elastin is vital compound in our skin to ensure our skin’s elasticity. For example, it helps the skin shrink back after being stretched out due to pregnancy or when losing a lot of weight.

Together collagen and elastin helps to keep our skin fresh-looking and moisturized. You might be wondering that how all this information helps you to grow more facial hair. When our facial skin is renewing itself, keeping the skin cells young and moisturized, it will help our skin to grow thicker and fuller facial hair as well. As mentioned before, dermarolling helps to bring more nutrients, like vitamins and hormones to that area, which will help facial hair to grow more as well.

How Can I Do It At Home?

Dermarolling is a procedure that many clinics offer as a service, but it is way more expensive and time consuming than to do it yourself at home. Besides, you can perform the procedure more privately at home.

Here is how you do it…

Set Clear And Realistic Expectations.

It is important to set clear expectations of what you want to achieve with dermarolling. First decide, which are the problem areas you want to perform the procedure on, but also what is the result you will be happy with. More importantly, set expectations that are realistic. Dermarolling process can have great results, but you must know that none of it happens overnight.

Collagen formation is a long-term process that will happen up to 3 to 6 months after the procedure itself. Therefore the results, which you can notice, might start to appear 1-2 months after the procedure. For long-term and better results it is important to perform dermarolling procedure on your skin once every 3 or 4 weeks. It will ensure the continuous maximized collagen and elastin formation in your skin and the results will be better and longer lasting as well.

It might be hard to spot those tiny improvements in our face ourselves, because we see ourselves in the mirror daily. Our suggestion is to take pictures of yourself before and after every procedure. That way you can notice all those small improvements.

Buy High Quality Dermaroller And Numbing Cream

It would be impossible to perform the procedure without a dermaroller. Check out our dermarolling kits where you can buy all you need at once!

We advise you to use numbing cream as well. You can of course use dermaroller without it, but since you have to roll the same area of your skin up to 5 times with dermaroller, then it might be slightly uncomfortable and feeling discomfort might prevent you to getting the best results out of this process. So use numbing cream. Do not worry, the numbing cream effects will wear out within an hour or so. Also make sure you wash your hands after applying numbing cream on your face. Otherwise you will have numb hands as well as face.

Dermarolling procedure is more comfortable if you keep a soft towel and water spray bottle nearby. Micropuncturing your skin with dermaroller causes superficial injury in your skin. Therefore it is completely natural that your skin bleeds superficially during the process – this is what the towel is for. Water bottle is good for keeping your skin moisturized. Dermaroller rolls smoothly on moisturized skin.

You can also use different serums for that. In that way dermaroller will push the serum compounds deeper into your skin as well for better result. But water helps you not to over use serums and sometimes you may not want to use any serums, then you can use only pure water.

Serums Ensure Better Results To Grow Facial Hair

There are many different kind of serums that you can use before and during dermarolling. Serums are also important part of after-care procedure on the skin. It is not a requirement to use serums, but we strongly suggest.

All our serums in our e-store is completely natural and do not contain superficial or unnatural compounds for your body.

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To bring out some of the most basic serums, we suggest to use Vitamin C and Elastin serums before and during the procedure. Vitamin C helps our body to produce more collagen and elastin makes the skin more elastic.

Dermarolling Procedure For Facial Hair

Roll over the skin area at least 5 times both horizontally and vertically. To make dermaroller slide smoother on the skin use either pure water or serums. You know when it is time to stop dermarolling by having small pinpoint bleedings on the skin all over that area as well as skin redness. This is how you can be sure that you dermarolled that area of the face properly. It is also a good way to spot if you missed any areas of the skin.

Don’t be alarmed if the redness of your skin will still be there for awhile after doing the procedure. Like mentioned before, we need to create superficial injury on the outermost layer of the skin so body would start naturally to heal it, making also our hair grow thicker and fuller in that area. The redness of the skin however should pass after 1-2 days. To ensure that it is good to use serums after the procedure as well, keeping our skin moisturized.

For better results it is vital to perform dermarolling regularly, but not more often than once every 3 or 4 weeks. Also it is important to keep in mind to use new and clean dermaroller each procedure. You would not want to roll any microbes into your skin, that could lead to skin infections.

You can select new, sterile dermaroller right here right now!

Skin after-care is just as important as dermarolling procedure itself. Caring for your skin after the procedure is vital for great results. Make sure You do not tan the areas of the skin right after the procedure and if being exposed to the sunlight, use sunscreen.

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