Skin Care Treatment: Combinations Therapy for Skin Needling that You Need to Watch out For!

Skin Care Treatment: Combinations Therapy for Skin Needling that You Need to Watch out For!

One of the popular skin care treatment that is widely gaining popularity and acceptance is the derma rolling therapy. Skin needling or also known as Microneedling therapy, derma rolling treatment or collagen induction therapy is a safe, simple and minimally invasive procedure that pricks the skin with micro needles to:

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tighten skin
  • Reduce various forms of scars (burn scars, acne scars, surgical scars, hypertrophic scars or indented scars)
  • Restores skin’s pigmentation (hypopigmented, uneven, and hyperpigmented skin)

Derma rolling therapy is a procedure that uses a hand held device called derma rollers. This device is filled with micro needles with different length and sizes. A lot of people have tried it and most reported full satisfaction regarding the treatment outcome.

So, what makes it stand-out from the rest of treatment is that it is simple, less costly and very effective skin care treatment modality. In addition, it has fewer side effects and lesser downtime.

In order for you to understand how derma roller is effective in combination with other treatment, you need first to understand the basic mechanisms on how the treatment works.

Why Derma rolling is effective?

The skin needling treatment is effective because it provides a long lasting and permanent result.  After creating a micro injury to the skin, the process does not stop there. The micro injury is actually the beginning of a cascade of repair response that would eventually lead to a more enhanced skin appearance.

It kick start a healing process that my takes weeks, months to years of healing. The stimulation of the natural healing process is where the improvement of the skin texture is observed.

What are the combination treatments used for derma rolling?


The micro needling treatment is combined with other forms of treatment to create a more beneficial therapeutic effect. The two novel skin care modality that is used in combination are:

  • Skin needling combined with plant stem cells therapy
  • Derma rolling therapy combined with subcision and TCA peel

Skin needling and plant stem cells therapy

The microneedling treatment is used with plant stem cells therapy to treat the face and neck areas. It particularly targets the hard to reach areas of the skin. It works on the periorbital and perioral regions.

One of the treatment used in combination with skin needling stem cell therapy. There are many mediums of stem cell therapy – the human medium stem cell and the plant based stem cell. The Plant stem cell therapy is a very good combination with microneedling therapy because it helps to repair damage tissues, heal wounds faster, regenerate new skin cells and reinvigorate the growth of nails, hairs, skin and mucous membranes.

It is important to take note that the patented forms of plant stem cell are the ones that are scientifically proven to exert an effect on the dermal cell layers. The combined treatment of derma rolling and plant stem cell is an emerging therapy for anti-aging treatment. Studies have shown that it can statistically improve the skin texture, melanin, hydration, dermal thickness and formation of new collagen, as compared to having derma rolling alone.

Skin needling is a successful stand alone treatment but when used in combination with plant stem cell therapy it can further enhance the skin rejuvenation.  It can help accelerate the natural response for wound healing by stimulating the growth factors that induced faster healing response. It also helps reduce patient’s downtime.

This process maximizes the patients overall satisfaction and treatment outcome.  On the business side, it is a cost effective treatment among dermatologist because it helps in retaining more patients because mostly preferred a fast and less invasive approach.

Derma rolling, subsicion and TCA peel

Skin needling is also combined with other minimally invasive procedures like subcision and TCA peel to exert a more effective effect on the management of atophic acne scars. The reason behind on combining these three treatment modalities is that it creates an additive action in treating post acne scars.

Subcision works by releasing the scars from the underlying adhesions. The initial treatment in removing scars should first target this step.  Skin needling with the use of derma roller help in the faster absorption of tretinoin cream which is used for faster healing and recovery. A 15 % formulation of TCA peel causes an improvement on the condition of the skin as well as collagen formation.

Hence, combining these treatment modalities help enhance collagen formation, release scars, resurface the skin and enhance the induction of collagen formation.

Why there is a demand for combination treatment?

There is no doubt that micro needling treatment is an effective stand-alone treatment in managing various skin condition particularly acne scars. Over the years, the demand for minimally invasive and highly effective skin care treatment is rapidly growing. Studies have shown that micro needling treatment is effective in managing Grade 2 scars and other severe grading of acne scars such as Grade 3 and 4.

When it comes to grading, a grade 1 and 2 means the scars are visible only to oneself, while grades 3 and 4 meaning the scars are visible to others. Grade 3 and 4 are severe forms of scars that it may already bother the patient.

Interestingly, there are no noted failure rates with these treatments.  More so, there are less down time or fewer absences from work because the patient can go back to work more or less than 24 hours after the treatment. There is also a higher satisfaction and lesser cost as compared with other treatment modality.

Combination treatments like derma rolling and plant stem cell therapy and derma rolling with subcision and TCA peels presents an important principle in skin healing. When the best treatments are combined it maximizes the effective therapeutic results to target certain skin conditions like acne.  Extraordinary results are seen with minimally invasive techniques.

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