Is Dermarolling Effective for 50 Year Olds and Above?

Is Dermarolling Effective for 50 Year Olds and Above?

If you are on your 50’s, 60’s or more, will dermarolling therapy still work with your skin? Supposed you have acne box scars for 20 years, will it still be removed if you use derma rollers?  Can still make your skin look younger and firmer? Let’s find out!


Will derma rollers work for 50 year olds and above?

The effectiveness of dermarolling is determined by your commitment to the treatment plan.  It also depends on the severity of collagen loss, depth of rolling, frequency and technique. Dermarolling does work, but you cannot deny the fact that 2 decade old acne scars or more needs extra treatment care.

Aside from the dermarolling therapy, you may need to use Platelet-rich plasma and other anti-aging serums and creams to increase the potency of the topical agents to boost the effect of derma rollers.

You may also need to combine it with human growth factor serums to improve the skin’s appearance regardless of your age.

The serum can be applied thoroughly at home after a dermarolling session.  In fact, there are excellent results in terms of skin rejuvenation and improving the skin’s texture.

The serums can also improve the appearance of stretch marks and can cause hair re-growth of scalp hairs using hair serums with human growth factors.

Keep in mind that to attain optimal results, you should be committed to your treatment plan, as you need to have several sessions of dermarolling therapy to see the visible results.


What is the best micro needle size to use?


The best micro needle size depends on the area of the skin to be treated and the extent of sagging skin and other possible damage. No doubt, derma

rolling therapy will work for you regardless of your age particularly if you combined it with a growth factor serum and used the appropriate needle size.

A micro needle not thicker than 0.25 millimeters will work for you just be careful in using longer needle size because it may cause significant bleeding and other possible side effects.



What are the recommended serums for older age groups?


You need to have a sound skin care regimen to ensure that your skin is of good condition and to slow down the aging process. You may use Vitamin C and Retin-A serums, to name a few.  You can also take it both topical and oral for best results.


Can dermarolling therapy really help make you look younger?

Now that you know, that dermarolling therapy can still work for you regardless of your age, the next question is, can it really help you look younger?

Dermarolling therapy is a hand-held device with a barrel covered with ultra-fine micro needles.  It has spikes which are designed to create holes or micro channels in the skin. So, why do you have to consider this therapy?

Aficionados of dermarolling treatment and even literature of micro needling therapy confirms that it helps stimulate the skin to activate its repair mechanisms.  This in turn will significantly improve the skin’s appearance and reduce acne scars, sun-damaged skin, aging skin, stretch marks and wrinkles. The catch is, even if you have the worst skin condition, or you have an aging skin, it can still provide beneficial effects.

How is this possible?  Derma rollers work by creating thousands of tiny holes in the dermis which induce the skin to produce new elastin and collagen. This will eventually generate new skin cells which will result to a firmer, younger and better-looking skin.

The treatment per se is generally painless.  You may use a topical anesthetic cream to make your skin numb. Then roll the device quickly across the face, on a back and forth direction.  Most aficionados would agree that they can hardly even feel the rollers in their skin, that’s how tiny and painless the micro needles are!


Can dermarolling therapy provide an instant fix?


Micro needling or dermarolling does not provide an instant fix.  You may need to undergo several sessions before you can actually see the results.  It depends on the severity of the skin problem and the amount of collagen you have.  If you are older, it may take some time before you can see any visible results.


What are the potential side-effects of dermarolling treatment?


Aficionados of dermarolling therapy says that most of them experience some soreness and pinpoint bleeding after having their dermarolling therapy. But this is nothing to be worried about because the side-effects are only transient or temporary. The very next day, you can immediately go back to your regular routine, as if nothing happened.

The potential side effects also depend on your skin’s sensitivity and your tolerance to pain.  Some may need to use after care regimen to hasten the recovery of the skin. Some may use moisturizer for the traumatized skin while, other use topical antibiotic creams to prevent any infection which rarely happens.

Most aficionados usually used sun block to prevent any hyper pigmentation of the skin.  This is particularly important for those with ethnic skin types or with dark-skin individuals.


What are the benefits of dermarolling therapy?

Micro needling therapy is great for tired skin particularly those that are losing its plumpness and smoothness. It makes the skin around the mouth and jaw look firmer.You can actually see the visible effects on the lower skin.

In facts, it makes the entire area look fresher and smoother. The skin looks brighter and takes a new vitality.  But take note that you may need at least three sessions with at least six weeks apart.

Anyhow, you can already see noticeable results even after your second session.


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