Ten Topical Products Perfect for Dermarolling Therapy

Ten Topical Products Perfect for Dermarolling Therapy

Are you looking for topical products which you can use together with dermarolling therapy? If you are, you just landed on the right page, in here you will learn the ten most sought after products used in combination with dermarolling or microneedling therapy.

A lot of users have discovered the amazing benefits that they could get in dermarolling therapy.  Aside from the fact, that it is very affordable compared with other skin treatment, dermarolling therapy has many practical applications. It is used to remove post-acne scars, skin marks, wrinkles, fine lines, varicella scars, and skin pigmentation.

 It is also used for alopecia or hair loss, for skin rejuvenation and for skin aging. Aside from that, it is also effective in the delivery of topical agents for more improved and enhanced results. There are many benefits in using dermarolling treatment and researchers are still figuring out other potential applications.

The best thing about microneedling or dermarolling treatment is a stand-alone treatment, but when used together with topical agents it has more effective result. Actually, there are a lot of topical products that you can use together with dermarolling therapy. In here, you will get an idea what are the most common topical products used by people having dermarolling treatment.

derma rolling with serums

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic Acids are popularly used in dermarolling treatment to help make the skin look firm and more elastic. It also helps in moisturizing the skin for a younger looking skin. Did you know that the baby’s skin is rich in hyaluronic acid which helps makes it more soft and smooth? So, if you want to have a soft and smooth skin like the baby’s, dermarolling treatment with hyaluronic acid is one of the best options.

Anti-aging Cream or Serums

The anti-aging serums or creams are widely used in dermarolling therapy. The skin needling helps in the effective delivery of topical serums for more efficient result. The dermarolling therapy per se can already induce the production of collagen and elastin which acts as fillers in the skin.  This will then removes or reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other visible signs of aging.

Tretinoin Cream

The tretinoin cream is used in dermarolling therapy to improve the texture of the skin and to help induce the production of collagen. If you used it together with anti-aging creams or serums, the effect is more rapid and effective.

anti agening serums for derma rolling

Green Tea Extract

People now are more health conscious, that is why natural plant based products like Green Tea Extract are becoming more popular in the market. It is a great alternative treatment option used together with dermarolling therapy.

The Green Tea Extract has many uses. It is effective in treating sun damaged skin.  It also works by filtering the harmful free radicals that tries to enter the skin. This incredible product is also used as an effective anti-aging treatment.

Green Tea Extract works by reducing the inflammatory processes in the skin. It also contains a specific enzyme that works on the breakdown of collagen to allow the production of newer collagen cells. It is also popularly used as a powerful antioxidant.

Vitamin C Serum

One of the most popular serums used in skin needling is the Vitamin C serum. Vitamin is clinically proven to induce collagen formation which helps in minimizing the damaging effects of sunlight in the skin. It works by renewing skin cells to provide this effect.

It is also proven that Vitamin C serum is 20 times more effective than using oral formulations.

Minoxidil and Finasteride

Dermarolling therapy is also used for the treatment of hair loss or alopecia. The two topical agents that are used together with dermarolling treatment are Minoxidil and Finasteride. Both drugs are FDA approved for the treatment of hair loss. 

Users who experience hair loss on the scalp and even on the facial areas such as the beard areas reported a significant improvement of the affected areas.  There was an improved growth of the hair with a shinier and smother hair strands.

Stem Cell Serums

Stem cell serum is new to the market. The advent of stem cell therapy and its increasing popularity makes it one of the favorite topical agents used together with dermarolling therapy.  There are many positive feedbacks concerning the use of stem cell in rejuvenating the skin and helps fight the signs of aging.

Vitamin A Serum and other Vitamin A derivatives

Vitamin A or Retinol is one of the popular topical agents used in dermarolling therapy. This vitamin is known for its antioxidant effects making it an effective topical agent. Vitamin A works by stimulating the production of collagen which enhances the repair process of the skin.

In fact, Retinol is a popular component of anti-aging products.  It also causes lesser skin irritation as compared with other synthetic products. There are many Vitamin A derivatives that are used as a topical agent. Indeed, this Vitamin has incredible properties to solve the most difficult skin problems.

dermaroller serum

Moisturizing Creams

The do-it-yourself dermarollers which is readily available in a local drugstore can be used on a daily or weekly basis. The difference with medical dermaroller is that it has shorter needle length which is used for effective delivery of topical agents such as moisturizing creams. The moisturizers are well known for its ability to keep the skin look young and moist. There are certain moisturizing creams that are also used to prevent skin aging.

Numbing Creams

One of the most popular medical used of microneedling therapy is to reduce post acne scarring and other skin conditions. In the medical clinics numbing creams such as lidocaine and prilocaine are popularly used to anesthetize the skin. Topical anesthetic creams are used to numb the area so the dermatologist or a trained professional can perform the skin needling therapy.

Patients who had dermarolling treatment in a medical clinic are usually given numbing cream so they won’t feel any pain.


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